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Etiquette Conundrum: Hostess Gift or Not?

Recently I accepted an invitation to attend a cocktail party. The purpose of the party was to celebrate a career promotion of a dear friend hosted by the honoree's sister. Before leaving to attend the party, I received a phone call from another guest. She asked if I was bringing a gift for the honoree? I informed her I was bringing a hostess gift and plan to take the honoree to lunch at a later date. She was surprised by my answer and asked me to define a hostess gift. From that conversation, I decided to share my answer with you.

A hostess gift is given to the party host/hostess to show your appreciation and to thank him/her for the hard work and generosity. Giving a hostess gift is not mandatory but it usually shows good manners. It’s important to remember not to get insulted if the host/hostess does not use your gift at the party. Keep in mind a gift should be given with the intent to give not to receive. Hostess gifts do not need to be expensive but tasteful creativity is always appreciated.
My favorite hostess gift ideas:
favorite bottle of wine
small green plant with blooms
engraved wine stopper or wine opener set
 spa candle set
organic tea or coffee sampler
 dining table center piece 
 seasonal gifts
The next time you are shopping at your favorite department store, stop by the clearance aisle and browse the bargains. Keep an open mind and choose a gift that reflects the host/hostess style. For last minute gift ideas visit the link below.

Last Minute Hostess Gifts
Gabrielle Blair
Real Simple Magazine
Posted on Dec 20, 2008


  1. Well, that was really great for you to bring a Hostess gift, most people forget about that. I never go to someones home without bring a little something, bottle or something. It's shows class and you need not explain why and what your bringing to anyone!

    Good Job, you're first class all the way..

  2. Dear Lovely,

    I love you and I love this. This is wonderful. I love the fact that you keep it classy and keep it together.Just like a wonderful aunt.

    Love your wonderful niece

  3. My wife and I don't ever receive gifts, but we throw casual board/card gaming parties, not cocktail parties or anything fancy like that. I guess that's a different story.


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Star Sighting: Dororthy Dandridge

Star Sighting: Dororthy Dandridge
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