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Best Diet Secret Ever

 If you are tired of accidentally ( wink ) eating chocolate or drinking one too many glasses of wine, I have good news for you. Today I was introduced to a free nutrition website that makes tracking diets and workout sessions easier. That's right easy dieting is possible!

I can admit, I'm not winning the battle of the bulge. I've given up on my New Years Resolution to lose weight, but now I have a new weapon. MyFitnessPal.com tracks your food and exercise progress without giving you guilty reminders and unattainable goal strategies. The website will not prevent you from over eating, BUT when you do over eat the website will tell you the consequences of your actions. Example: If you continue to eat like you did today, you will weight 145lbs in 12 weeks. Gentle reminders feel amazing. :)

Check it out today!
I'm starting today. When are you planning to begin? Reply and share your plans.

Take a look inside the blog to see the following topics.

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Fab Fashion Finds ( shoes, appearal, intimates )
Book Review
Tips for Stress
Home Spa Tips
Party Theme Ideas

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Monthly Goal Challenge

Monthly Goal Challenge
Challenge yourself each month to learn something new about yourself.

Make One Simple Goal A Day

Its February 2015 and most people have set goals or resolutions for the New Year. FACT: only 8% of the population complete their New Year goals. I found a website that will assist with goal setting, tracking, measuring and achieving your goals.

One Simple Goal is a website designed to change the way people view and achieve goals. The concept is to set one attainable goal a day. Get started today!

Visit http://www.onesimplegoal.com/ to learn more.

Star Sighting: Dororthy Dandridge

Star Sighting: Dororthy Dandridge
Beautiful Dorothy Dandridge with a group of Beauty Queens in the 1940s. Photo: Clyde Woods