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Its Date Night

Date night is for the single, separated and engaged/married. Allow me the honor of explaining my statement one category at a time. Not in this order. Since its wedding season, let's start with the married and engaged folks. We all dream of the day we find that special someone that shares our lifestyle and future. To narrow the definition...we can't image not having him or her in our life for the rest of our life. Every couple in a long term relationship can relate to trying to find their groove again ...and again. If you can relate to this situation follow these suggestions for adding a little spice and seasoning to your love gumbo. 

  • Commit to scheduling two date nights a week. First date night should be outside the home and second should be inside the home but not necessarily alone. Invite another couple for dinner or cocktails and dessert.
  • Dress for each date. Dressing for any occasion adds excitement. To add extra spice, dress to impress your date. Flattering and flirty compliments feel great and your mate will appreciate your sex appeal.
  • Pay close attention to the details. Listen and show sincere interest in the conversation and make constant eye contact.
  • Try something new - restaurant, activity or new area of town.
  • Don't forget to hold hands...it's a date!

Calling all Singles!!!

No matter how you became single, if you want a new relationship here are some suggestions for a successful summer dating campaign. Imagine ordering a steak dinner at an expensive restaurant. When the plate arrives, it is pretty and inviting. Instantly you start thinking about enjoying the meal. If the plate is delivered dirty or the order is incorrect, chances are you will not enjoy the meal and will not return to the restaurant. This example demonstrates my strategy for dating. LOOK and ACT AVAILABLE. Follow these easy suggestions for pursuing your next date.

  •  Think of a place everyone has to go no matter their lifestyle. Most would say church, I say the supermarket.
  • Make one weekly trip to the grocery store or local farmers market dressed for success. Women should wear heels and nice knee length skirt or dress with full makeup. Men should wear a nice button down shirt/slacks and extra care to be well groomed. Dressing nice will draw attention.
  • Grocery trip - only purchase three food items or less. This will appear you are cooking for one person.
  • Put on a Happy Face. Be aware of frowning. Your mission is to draw positive attention and not look uncomfortable.
  • Engage in positive upbeat conversation, make eye contact with a friendly smile and leave immediately. If you are on the go, people wonder where you are headed.
  • This strategy will work at any location. Keep in mind try until you succeed.

 " For those who believe no proof is necessary, for those who don't believe no proof is possible "
 ~ Stuart Chase

Separated and Satisfied: I'm great how are you?

Separated and just trying to figure out your next move? When you think about the crossroads in your life, maybe you have not envisioned facing the single scene again. Don't fret, a backyard soiree is the perfect escape from thinking about your pending relationship and concerned friends trying to set you up blind dates every weekend. A backyard soiree will tell the world you are just fine with your current state of mind :) Another suggestion is to really live the life. Don't fake it until you make it...

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Star Sighting: Dororthy Dandridge

Star Sighting: Dororthy Dandridge
Beautiful Dorothy Dandridge with a group of Beauty Queens in the 1940s. Photo: Clyde Woods