This page is dedicated to Dorothy Dandridge - An American Beauty

It ain't easy running an empire.

Most days I feel as if I need more than 24 hours in a day to run my Empire.  Allow me to provide two examples.

Every Empiress can tell the same story. The day begins with rushing to Point A and ends with collapsing at Point Z. But not before finding something to eat after a long day away from the Palace.

Let's don't forget the feeling of not having anything to wear after piercing into a fabulous walk-in closet full of designer digs and trendy finds. Whao...this life style can make you feel as if the weekend doesn't provide time to rest.

It's a groovy life!
Oh well, that's the price WE pay for begin DAZZING & FABULOUS!

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Star Sighting: Dororthy Dandridge

Star Sighting: Dororthy Dandridge
Beautiful Dorothy Dandridge with a group of Beauty Queens in the 1940s. Photo: Clyde Woods