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Let's Plan It Together!

Do you want to celebrate a big moment in a big way?
Is entertaining at your home on your New Years Resolution list?
Do you want to plan a party for that special person in your life?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then it sounds like it's time for you to plan a party. Now is the perfect time to start planning a gathering that will blow your friends and family away...they will ask when you plan to have the next one.

The first and most important step you should take is setting the budget. Keep in mind less is more but make sure you cover all expenses. Start with creating a guest list and decide how much you can afford to spend.
Expense items should include, food, beverages, decor, entertainment and miscs ( ice, utensils, games/ice breakers, etc.). Check you cabinets. You may already have the items in-house or can borrow from a friend.
For recipes, tips and theme ideas visit one of my favorite websites http://www.celebrations.com/

Lets begin with creating a Party Planning Checklist:

Three to Four Weeks Before:
Decide on the budget. Keep in mind that everything you spend should be included in the budget, including the must have paper napkins, etc. Food and Beverage Calculator (live link)

Two Weeks Before:
Make an invitation list. Keep in mind that typically only 70% to 80% of guests will attend.
Decide on a theme you can live up too.
Send invitations...www.pingg.com will give you a fun and fresh invitation that will impress your guests. The website will assist with tracking and reminders.
Create the menu (choose only those that can be prepared in advance, perhaps even frozen, with just warming and assembling required on party day).
Create a shopping list for groceries and decor.
Send a note to your neighbors to inform them of your party date, end time and parking notice.
Charge your iPod and select the music. Perfect time to adjust your sound system so all guest will hear the music and the neighbors will not complain.

One Week Before:
Clean the house thoroughly. This way, you’ll need only a quick once-over before the party.
Arrange tables for buffets and drinking stations.
Label each dish, tray or platters with a post-it notes so you’ll remember what you plan to use at party.
Stock the bar or decide on a signuature cocktail.
Cocktail recipes www.realsimple.com
Send reminder to guests.

Three Days Before:
Check all medicine cabinets. Remove any personal items you wouldn’t want guests to see.
Make space in the guests closet and fill it with hangers.
Complete grocery shopping.

One Day Before:
Set the tables or buffets
Decorate the area or room
Complete cooking
Walk through your home to complete last minute cleaning.
Go to bed early - get a good night sleep.

Day of the Party:
Have blast!

Like minded people create the best vibe. One or two off beat charcters could make the evening interesting...

Please leave a comment.  Share your party ideas.


  1. Once again... News We Can Use. Thank you for educating and entertaining us.

  2. OK. You had me at chesseburger. I'm making the cheeseburgers for our Monday night dinner.


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Star Sighting: Dororthy Dandridge

Star Sighting: Dororthy Dandridge
Beautiful Dorothy Dandridge with a group of Beauty Queens in the 1940s. Photo: Clyde Woods